The Romans in Ancient Germany –
A 2000th Anniversary


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At the lectern: Susanne Wilbers-Rost, director of the dig in Kalkriese
On the panel (l. to r.:) Jutta Prieur-Pohl, Moderator; Günther Moosbauer, Univ. of Osnabrück, Achim Rost, battlefield archeologist; Peter Kehne, Univ. of Hannover; Reinhard Wolters, Univ. of Tübingen

The Argument is Over – The Battle in the Teutoburg Forest Took Place at Kalkriese Hill - Phil Hill, Detmold/ Kalkriese, October 2006

The Battle of the Battlefield - Phil Hill

Aliso - Phil Hill

Clunn - Phil Hill

Barkhausen - Phil Hill

Murdoch - Phil Hill

Wells - Phil Hill

2000 Years Later: Roman Ship Christened in Hamburg- Phil Hill

Never say “Die” - Phil Hill

“Varus, give me back my horse!” - Phil Hill